This Review is featured in the December issue of YHC (Your Health Connection Magazine) Written by Bianca Rose Martinez
In my quest to find dining experiences that support my compassionate lifestyle I stumbled upon (or should I say into) The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura. I heard about it though my friend and fellow organizer of the Ventura County Vegans, Marty Styles. We decided to check it out and invite the veg gang for a late lunch one Saturday afternoon. The vibe was cozy and inviting with a few tables inside and out along with some larger “community” size tables that you could easily find your self in a conversation with someone over your morning tea and scone.

The owners Rosanna and her partner D welcomed us and helped us find all the delicious vegan options they offered including roasted paninis, pizza, burger, salads, soups and bakery items (some gluten free). I was happy to see that they supported a non-GMO policy and used organic cooking oils and fresh produce in their dishes. The Rabbit Hole Café does offer some meat and dairy items but there was plenty to choose from for those who are inclined to avoid animal products. They have almond, soy and coconut milk alternatives for all their lattes and coffee drinks and also have a wonderful selection of teas that come in a French press and a hand made ceramic mug (I love real mugs!)

After ordering and sitting down at our table I took in the room and found some delightful artwork depicting images of the famous Alice in Wonderland characters. Many in the old pen and ink style found from the original children’s novel. The décor reminded me of something out of the early 19th century with a few modern twists. There was definitely a strong loving vibe about the place, the kind of feeling you get when you visit someplace where people are passionate about what they do.

There were so many tasty options to pick from it was hard to choose. I ended up with the vegan panini with hummus and roasted veggies and a side kale salad with peanut ginger lime dressing. I also got to try some amazing sweet potato fries that were served in a big metal funnel lined with waxed paper and little dipping sauces on the sides, perfect for sharing. I also got to try the vegan stroganoff, which was uniquely spiced and available in an eco-friendly take home and bake package.

The Rabbit Hole Café definitely has a wholeness about it. The food was real, like having a meal at a friends house made with love and no weird flavor additives or processed ingredients. If I lived a little closer I would make it a regular stop. For those who do live in and around Agoura Hills it’s worth the adventure and who knows? you might make a new friend over tea!

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