Hard to believe I had never eaten at Big Sky cafe in all the years of vacationing to Pismo Beach and surrounding areas. And now that I have a son named Sky there was no excuse! I had heard rumors of their veg-friendly menu and organic, locally sourced produce and beverages, so while visiting my partners family in Arroyo Grande we drove over to SLO to spend the day and enjoy some delicious food. We snagged a cozy booth and drooled over the menu for what seemed like an eternity.

I finally decide to try the spinach falafel with sweet potato fries. The soup of the day was a yummy dal but I had to go with the fries! My partner ordered his favorite disBig_Sky_falafelh – Indian spiced lentils with poached eggs and potatoes topped with lots and lots of cilantro. Despite the busy atmosphere our food came quickly. I had barely taken a few sips of my pino grigio before our server brought us our plates.

The tasty details where delightful to discover from the sweet pea tendrils and fresh sunflower sprouts to the orange zest in the sweet potato fries. The falafel was delicious served in a warm pita with creamy tahini sauce, fresh lettuce and tomato. Since I rarely make falafel it is such a treat to have prepared so lovingly.  The crispy outside and warm inside of the falafel balls were perfectly done and very flavorful.

I held on to one of the menus to read about the restaurants philosophy and note the local farms they sourced their produce and products from. It made me happy to see that the business was so busy, a testament to the peoples desire for real, fresh, local food. Thanks Big Sky for supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture!

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