When I first began to understand what it meant to eat compassionately I identified three key factors for doing the least amount of harm to:

No. 1 The Earth
Eating locally grown organic foods contributes less toxins to the soil, air and waterways. Plus supporting local farmers who use eco friendly practices to feed their communities feels really good!
No. 2 Animals
Choosing plant-based ingredients for recipes means we aren’t supporting animal cruelty and abuse common in factory farms – where most of the animal products consumed in America come from.
No. 3 You!
Honoring yourself by eating wholesome unprocessed foods it is an act of love and kindness for body mind and spirit. So much of today’s food is full if chemicals, artificial flavors and additives and way too much sugar. These all have a powerful effect in the body and over time can lead to serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and all types of cancers. It can also effect your over all mood and attitudes. If we are headachy from a sugar crash or crabby from indigestion and bloating we effect those around us with our state of being. By eating delicious food that is good for us we can greatly impact our world and elevate out state of consciousness to be more present clear, and loving.

Don’t under estimate the power of  your food and lifestyle choices. Together we can create a more sustainable, peaceful future for all beings.

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