Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.11.51 PMCatering
You can have your next retreat, birthday, social gathering or community event catered with delicious organic food prepared by “Chef B”. Specializing in vegan, vegetarian, raw, Ayurvedic and gluten-free cuisine. All organic food grown and prepared with love delivered to you or prepared on site. We take food safety very seriously and have been certified by Ventura County’s food handlers training course. Rates determined by size of group and menu choices. Please see our Menu page or call 805-701-9858 for a quote and special menus options based on your gathering.

Cooking Classes
Our classes have varied themes and feature ethnic cuisines from around the world. Topics include: Comfort food favorites with a healthy twist, sushi making, seasonal soups, raw foods, cancer fighting recipes, diabetes prevention and healing, gluten- free cooking and baking. Cuisines of India, Thailand, Mexico and Italy and many more. You can also book a private class or series of classes that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. These classes can be done in your own home or our private kitchen. Group classes with a theme of your choice can also be booked. Classes are all organic, vegan and gluten-free and include instruction, demonstrations, hands on learning, recipes and a shared family style meal at the end of the class (for group classes).

Due to Covid restrictions we are not offering group classes to the public at this time, however you can book a private cooking class with Bianca or have her teach a “pod” of your close friends and family members. We are offering a special immune boosting class that will arm you with the best food medicine to keep you strong and healthy during these intense times. Please see our Classes & Events page for details.

Personal Chef  & Meal Services

Too busy to eat the way you want? Yes it’s true good food can take time to prepare, thats why we offer meal services so you can eat delicious healthy food without having to do any of the meal planning, shopping, or prep! Have Bianca cook your meals in your home kitchen or in our beautiful kitchen in Oak View and delivered to you. All of our ingredients are organic, non-GMO and sourced from local farms when ever possible. We also use healthy cookware such as cast iron, stainless steel and glass. Specializing in vegan, vegetarian, raw and Ayurvedic cuisine. We also offer custom meal plans for healing specific illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Select animal proteins available by request (grass fed bison, ghee, sheeps milk yogurt and cheeses, wild caught salmon and halibut). Please  see our Menu page or call  805-701-9858 for more details about this service.

Food Medicine Consultation

If you or a loved would like to receive guidance on living and eating more healthfully, mindfully and joyfully you can schedule a consultation with Bianca. Together you can uncover ways to improve your relationship with food, find the right foods that best suit your individual needs, receive support with emotional eating issues, learn healthy cooking tips, foods and lifestyle tips for disease prevention, immune boosting, gentle detox and more.  Bianca uses a holistic approach that combines Ayurvedic wisdom, blood type and years of health and nutritional research to tailor a meal plan that is unique as the individuals she serves. Consultations are available in person in our office in Ojai, via phone or video chat. Please all  805-701-9858 for more details about this service.

Educational Talks & Art Presentations
You can book Bianca to speak at colleges, schools, libraries, community events and private parties. Presentations showcase hand painted illustrations to help listeners connect their food choices with the effects on the web of life. Subjects covered include the importance of healthy soil, dangers of industrialized farming methods, the plight of animals raised in the factory system and how to prevent illness with food medicine. Plus easy ways to green your eating habits!


Live Demos 

We offer live demonstrations of fun, simple and inspiring recipes participants can taste as they learn! Demos can be booked separately or together with a presentation. Possible venues include: gyms, health fairs, private parties, schools, hospitals, healing and wellness centers. Topics include ways to “green” eating habits, disease prevention, gluten-free foods, dairy free recipes, foods for diabetes and cancer prevention, tapas parties or your own custom theme.