Veggie Vampire

Veggie Vampire

This juice is really amazing. The vibrant colors beckon my cells to absoarb its earthly goodness. It gets the deep red hue from beets, which are incredibly powerful in a raw juice form. Carrots offer vitamin A and add some sweetness to this otherwise slightly bitter juice. Cilantro and parsley are excellent for detoxifying the body, and we know our world is full of toxins. All the more reason to honor our spiritual temples and give them foods they need to stay healthy, strong and to heal themselves

This juice is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Garlic is  a good immune booster and had a warming/oxygenating effect on the blood. Ginger is good for mental clarity and digestion. One of my dear friends, who has been juicing for many years turned me on to this recipe. I was shocked to find out his real age, if it has anything to do with the juice I am now a firm believer in the fountain of youth! Cheers to your health!

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