Spicy Tofu Scramble

Eggs were the last animal products I gave up before becoming completely vegan, and there are times when I do miss the fluffy texture on my breakfast plate…But tofu scrambles are a delicious animal-free way to enjoy a traditional favorite. I think what made me take the final step into fully embracing a plant-based diet was a visit to the Farm Sanctuary in Acton, California. I got to pet pigs, cuddle with calves and walk among turkeys, ducks and chickens. While admiring the landscape and enjoying how wonderful it was to see these beautiful animals free from the horrors of the industrial farming industry, I got a sharp prick in my left leg. I looked down to see a mother hen pecking at my ankle and in that moment I heard a little voice in my head that said “don’t eat my eggs!” Call me crazy but I think she was trying to tell me something, and from that day I haven’t eaten any since! Here is a great recipe for a yummy egg-free breakfast that has plenty of protein, iron, fiber and flavor!

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