Healthy Breakfast Sausage

Healthy Breakfast Sausage

These delicious patties have wonderful taste and texture and are made with simple pure ingredients. These are an easy way to enjoy a healthier alternative to meat based products and processed vegan/vegetarian versions~ some of which have dozens of ingredients! Read my blog post Just Because its Vegan Doesn’t Mean its Healthy for more on that topic.

Fennel is good for digestive health, freshens breath, soothes stomach issues and has many other benefits. Onion is part of the allium family which have cancer fighting enzymes. Lentils and psyllium contain natural fiber that is cleansing for the colon – quite the opposite of the cancer causing nitrates found in many processed meat products. Yucca root flour and potato flour are pre-biotic which support healthy gut flora.

I cooked the lentils the day before and made these the following morning. When making dried beans/legumes I typically soak them for a few hours or overnight to reduce cooking time. It is economical to buy them in bulk and it saves on packaging. Enjoy these with your favorite breakfast sides. Some ideas we had were creamy polenta (grits), scrambled eggs (for vegetarians & omnivores) sautéed spinach, gluten free biscuits or cornbread. Enjoy!

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