Gluten Free Vegan Carrot Cake

Gluten Free Vegan Carrot Cake

SO I decided to experiment with some gluten-free baking. Seems like everywhere in the conscious eating world people are giving up gluten or are discovering they are sensitive to this ancient food staple. What is causing this? Is it genetic modification? Are we as a species changing? Is it a build up of toxins in our environment that are weakening our bodies natural functioning? I would suspect its all three. Especially the genetic modification part.

While I was studying environmental science in college, my world food and fiber class touched on the topic of GMOs. They were touted as being helpful in relieving hunger and growing foods in harsh climates. But what is the trade-off? Destroying eco-systems, using more chemicals to grow the same or even less than the same organic crops. Farmers losing their land and being slaves to big agra and bio-tech. These GMOs create so many more problems than they claim to solve. Personally I think we should stick to the way food has been grown for thousands of years. Seems like everything was just fine without chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Some claim that farmers have been genetically modifying crops for centuries, but the process of selective growing is much different from actually inserting the genes from another species into a living organism via, bacteria or virus.

As food companies try to monopolize and control what we eat, I take solace knowing that I can protect myself with the knowledge and access to organic, healthy, sustainable food.

Here’s a yummy gluten-free vegan carrot cake for you to enjoy! I used Bob’s Red Mill organic gluten-free brown rice flour. For the flax egg I boiled half a cup of water and handful of flax seeds for 2-3 min to create the sticky binding of egg whites. Just strain the seeds and check out the gooey texture! I’m hoping to have a video of this process soon. Blessings!


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