I was recently nominated for a new Food

Network Cooking show called “Cutthroat Kitchen”. And while flattered by the nomination here are some reasons why I’m declining this opportunity.

I have seen these types of competitive cooking shows where cooks/chefs all fiercely try to outdo one another for a prize. A lot of stress and drama ensues, their culinary creations are ridiculed by a judge and all but one are left to go home in shame
as a “loser”.

I feel that this message is exactly what the world needs less of – people pitted against each other over money and vanity.  Our culture’s media has pumped this ego-driven message of “getting ahead at all costs” for far too long. This creates an ideology that emotional drama and disharmony are normal and even celebrated.  This has left our society in a state of isolation from each other, from nature and from ourselves.

The concept of Compassionate Eating embodies a peaceful message of re-connecting to the earth, supporting sustainable growing practices and empowering people to heal with food medicine.  This is what our world needs in these toxic times – not more separation, adversity and competition. It’s time to come together and co-create a better world that nourishes us – mind, body and spirit. There is plenty of opportunity for each of us to express our gifts and talents if we allow them the space to manifest.

I would be open to being on a show that brings chefs together to work together in harmony to create an awesome meal to be shared with friends and family.  Something that lets all the individuals shine in their own unique way while doing something to benefit their community.


Seeing the sacred art of preparing food turned into a competitive sport for entertainment leaves me feeling a tinge of sadness. Even the name “cutthroat kitchen” denotes violence and warlike sentiments in a place that is to be a center for creativity, nourishment and love. We will only be able to create a more peaceful world by embodying messages of compassion, truth and healing and by giving examples of what that looks like.

Bianca Martinez

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