Cancerous Culture

Cancerous Culture

Like many of you folks out there I have a dear relative battling cancer. I am often sadden when I think of just how many of us know someone who has been affected by this incredibly horrible disease that eats away at our bodies, minds and spirits. The new Cancer Center on Loma Vista is a sure sign that it’s on the rise in our county. And while I applaud the effort put into the creation of such a center, I can’t help but wonder WHY?? Why do so many of us have this disease? Why is there not a cure after all the millions of dollars being raked in from cancer awareness walks, fund-raisers, donations at grocery store check stands, heck I even saw a pink ribbon on an ad for KFC (note the irony). Well folks the truth is there’s no money in the cures. Why would big pharma want to “cure” its biggest moneymaker? Chemo, radiation, surgeries, and prescription drugs all making drug companies richer every time another one of us gets the dreaded prognosis. I believe there is an incredibly strong link between what we eat and our susceptibility to cancer. What if it were true that the additives put in fast food, processed food, and GMO foods actually did make us sick. And what if it wasn’t an accident that these things caused us to become ill? Sometimes I wonder…

All I know is that watching what my aunt goes through is incredibly painful but not nearly as painful as how much her body hurts after she has another surgery to remove yet another tumor. I recently learned about the China Study that actually points to animal protein; especially cow milk, as a potential contributor to cancerous tumors in humans. Now no one wants to come out and say that because milk has become as American as apple pie, but what if the stuff we consume everyday that we think is safe is really killing us slowly? Should we really believe all the ads that promote these products? These companies don’t really have any concern for our well-being; in fact many of them are driven by profits and even own stock in, you guessed it pharmaceuticals.

So the best way we can protect ourselves against cancer starts with what we put in our bodies. Stay away from things you can’t pronounce, and eat lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies. You don’t have to be a genius to know its better to eat something that naturally came from the Earth than something that came from a science lab; packed with chemical flavorings, fillers and additives.You can get some of these powerful, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, sprouts and cauliflower at the Ventura farmers market. Be well dear readers and may blessings of health find their way to you, your families and friends.

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