A new farmers market has recently sprouted up on the east side of Ventura. Local vendors from in and around the County are offering fresh veggies, home made soaps, jewelry, olive oil, delicious fruits, flowers, baked goods and even organic dog treats. Some of the vendors include, H & A Farms, Kelsey’s Anytime Fudge, Arreola Farm and Nopal Cactus Foods.

Visiting a local market has a timeless quality
about it. Seeing and connecting with peopleveggie_pics_market_4who are growing and producing their own products brings us closer to that life energy that runs through all of us. These people have a passion for what they do and they want to share that with you. I can feel it in all the hand made scarves blowing in the wind, and the neatly wrapped packages of cookies.

Out door markets have played and important role in towns and villages all around the world, for centuries. The simple act of people coming together to offer the eclectic bounty of their particular region is just as important today as it was hundreds of years ago. We are so fortunate to live in a part of the world that has such an incredible climate, rich soil and access to abundant fresh produce year round.
I love leaving the market with two big bags of produce for the same price or often less than conventional grocery stores and the freshness is unbeatable!

Plus I get to learn new things and meet new people. Etsy, who sells non-gmo cactus corn chips, tortilla wraps, and home made salsa, told me that cactus is very high in calcium and has a soothing effect on our digestive tract and acts as an anti-inflammatory, who knew!? I used them to make some really great avocado veggie wraps for dinner that night. Yum!

These markets can only exist if we support them so check out the new location on Thursdays from 3-6pm at Kimball Park on Ventura’s east side. You will see the flags on the corner of Telephone and Kimball Rd. Park entrance is on Kimball just off Hwy 126.


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