Its Easy Being a Veggie

Its Easy Being a Veggie


On a recent outing with the Ventura County Vegans I found myself in the company of sensitive, animal loving people who where concerned with health and issues relating to world of food politics. The alternative lifestyle that balks meat and dairy products is still in the minority but is slowly gaining popularity in the mainstream. With protein myths busted, cruelty of the factory farm system coming to light and more and more people suffering form diet related health issues, more folks are becoming open to the concept of plant-based diets. Contrary to what some may think, it is not that difficult to function in a meat and cheese laden society. Many restaurants in Ventura will happily “veganize” items on their menu. While sipping on some Pinot Grigio at My Florist I was happy that members of my group where able to order some tasty menu items without any issues. Our server was very accommodating and understanding to our needs.

While I do end up cooking at home quite a bit to ensure my food is organic and GMO free as possible, there are some local places I am happy to patronize for offering meat and dairy free options on there menus. I think its safe to say that after eating countless veggie burritos in this town over the years I like Jim and Rob’s garden veggie the best. Having worked in food service myself I appreciate being able go somewhere without having to be one of those annoying picky customers that wants this instead of that or can I substitute this for some other thing on the menu.

It is to our benefit that our society as a whole will need to adjust to the growing demand for plant-based meals. With side effects such as better health, less animal suffering, and fewer resources used to feed more people I don’t see how that can that be a bad thing. Run-off from factory farms and animal feedlots are the root cause of incredible amounts of food and water contamination, sickness and even deaths every year. Makes me wonder what price we are willing to pay to continue to have the luxury of meat-based diets while so many go hungry.  As our population continues to grow and make more demands for animal products, and other natural resources it makes sense to eat in a way that can provide for us all. Just some food for thought.

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