Food Medicine

Food Medicine

Years ago when I first infused my belief system with compassionate eating, it had a core that focused on issues affecting the environment, animal suffering and our bodies and health. More recently my life path has lead me deeper into the healing realm of food as medicine and I have been fascinated by my findings. The ancient teachings of long standing cultures such as India and China have many natural remedies to illness and disease. These ayurvedic methods have been curing people for centuries with herbs, spices and lifestyle practices such as meditation and yoga. It makes sense to me to treat the whole person mind, body and spirit. It does little good to treat an ailment and ignore the root cause of the problem, which may be stress, poor diet, lack of exercise or even “nature depravation”.

Fortunately there are many readily available herbs and spices that have some powerful effects on diseases commonly faced by people in our culture. I have recently started a healthy meal service that focuses on creating tasty medicinal foods that can be delivered or cooked in home. Some of my clients suffer from diabetes, heart conditions and even cancer. I have found that many spices such as cumin, fenugreek, turmeric among others, offer protection and natural treatment against many of these diseases and ailments. There are some great little markets in Ventura where you can find some of these mysterious and potent seasonings. The Asian Pantry in Midtown has an excellent selection of hard to find spices, flours, dried beans and other unique items. Also the Asian American Market on Santa Clara St. has a good selection of spices and grocery items all at very reasonable prices.

If you don’t feel like cooking the Taj Café offers deliciously spiced Indian cuisine with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. It is a wonderful feeling to eat for mind, body spirit and planet without causing animal suffering and supporting local businesses in your city. Remember, eating local, organic, plant-based meals whenever possible helps to preserve a greener future for ourselves and generations to come. We can make a difference with every bite we take. Health is wealth!

Many blessings of wellness, wholeness and wonderment to you dear readers.


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