Common Genetically Modified Ingredients, Where They Lurk & How we can Avoid Them

Common Genetically Modified Ingredients, Where They Lurk & How we can Avoid Them

Some of the food products that are available now are a far cry from the types of wholesome foods that where consumed less than 100 years ago. Its no surprise that the rise of many illnesses and diseases are a direct result of increasing processed foods being introduced into the market. Many of them are touted as safe, but many of the research is skewed or done by the actual companies that seek to profit from the sales of these products. It’s no surprise that the lab results come back “safe”. There is lots of independent research coming out that is quite the contrary. Genetically modified foods and processed chemical ingredients that where created in a lab are wreaking havoc on peoples health and causing many illnesses that stem from the bodies inability to digest these foods. This results in inflammation, auto immune responses, allergies, coagulation of blood resulting in clogged arteries and heart disease, bowel disorders and more. And whats worse, many of these conditions aren’t traced to the foods people are eating as the underlying cause and doctors just prescribe medications to treat symptoms and don’t get to the root of the problem.

I’ve created a list of the most common GMOs and where to find them so you can avoid them and give your body the foods it needs to stay healthy.

Derived from rapeseed (no wonder they changed the name) also known as Canadian Low Acid Oil  is chemically extracted using hexane, a highly flammable and carcinogenic solvent that’s a constituent of gasoline. This process of extreme heating (over 450 degrees) completely destroys the omega-3s and creates trans fats. When consumed it causes the blood to coagulate like margarine and beef fat. Could this be an underlining cause of heart disease and alziemers?

It is found in countless packaged foods like, cereal bars, crackers, cookies, chips, sauces, boxed plant milks, dressings and nearly all restaurant food unless the chefs are aware of the dangers of cooking with this type of oil. The fact that it is genetically altered also causes adverse reactions in the digestive tract and has been linked to leaky gut syndrome (where undigested food particles go into the blood stream prematurely), indigestion, inflammation and can destroy healthy gut flora (good bacteria) which holistic wisdom proclaims is the foundation of health. Even the organic versions of canola use toxic unnatural refining processing. It is best to stay away and use more healthful oils such as organic coconut, avocado and grapeseed oil for high heat cooking and baking and olive, flax and hempseed oil for low or no heat.

This ancient sacred food staple native to South American cultures has been cultivated for centuries and is now being manipulated and genetically modified for the use of ethanol and products such as corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cornstarch, maltodextrin and can even hide in the guise of “natural flavors” which are anything but natural (more on that in another article). Corn syrup has been used to sweeten products like sodas, cookies, crackers, pasta sauces, breads and restaurant food – especially fast food. Like canola it has infiltrated the food world and can be difficult to avoid unless you are a savvy shopper, label reader and informed customer.

There is still plenty of safe organic corn that is grown and eaten here in the US, other than sweet corn at a summer BBQ. Non-GMO organic masa made from dent corn and provides the base for tortillas, and tamales is actually quite healthy and nourishing. Chips being the exception (in moderation of course, even though its hard not to eat a whole bag) but you still have to be careful because some chips are made with organic corn but then cooked in GMO canola! Some packaging can be deceiving because it can still say organic even if all the ingredients are not.

Genetically modified corn, soybeans and alfalfa are commonly fed to livestock also so eating meat that is not organic or grassfed will have traces of GMOs. Look for the GMO project certification and be sure if and when you are purchasing corn products that all the ingredients are organic. I bought a tortilla press and have been making my own tortillas for over a year now and the taste of freshly made warm tortillas is worth the effort! At first it seemed like a lot of extra work but now after a bit of practice I can bust out 6 tortillas cook up some jackfruit, chop up some toppings and have homemade tacos on the table in about 25 min!

Another ancient food staple of the world originating in Asia that has been contaminate with genetic modification. Soy in its natural form contains healthful complete proteins and caner fighting properties. Foods like soybeans, tofu and tempe and far better for you than than the more refined, processed constituents like soy lecithin, soy oil and soy protein most of which are GMO. Soy lecithin like canola and soy is used in a variety of processed, packaged foods, plant milks and even supplements as an emulsifier giving these products a smooth uniform appearance. Soy has got a bad rap in recent years but I think a lot of it is propaganda put out by the meat and dairy industry since they are loosing profits due to more people turning away from cows milk and the cruelty associated with that industry.

Soy has been shown to help with some cancers and even balance hormones in women going through menopause. Like anything moderation is key. You don’t want to have granola with soy milk or soy yogurt for breakfast a soy burger for lunch and soy ice cream for dessert. I usually limit my consumption to once or twice a week in the form of tofu with a curry or vegetable stir-fry. The only people who should avoid soy are people with thyroid issues because of the changes it can make in hormone balance and of course if recommended by your holistic health practitioner.

Although we don’t think of eating cotton, cottonseed oil, like soybean and corn oil is found in some packaged, processed foods. Cotton that is not organic is more likely to be genetically modified and should be avoided. If you can its a healthier option to buy organic cotton or hemp clothing – especially if you have a little person. Their delicate skin should not come into contact with toxic chemicals and pesticides!

Tomatoes, Potatoes, Rice and Beets
These crops have also been taken over by GM engineering in an effort to make them pest resistance by putting the pesticides in the plant itself! The are called systemic pesticides and are linked to all types of diseases including cancer, parkinsons and other auto immune diseases. I mean when you think about it, the pesticides are used to kill living organisms (pests) by attacking the nervous system and we are consuming them, there has bound to be some negative side effects! Most conventional produce in stores is sprayed with chemicals such as Glyphosate (Round-up) that are banned elsewhere in the world because of the adverse health effects, yet they are still allowed to be used here. Why?This is mainly due to the fact that the headquarters of these chemical companies are located in the US and they have millions of dollars to lobby congress and infiltrate government policy making.

It is sad that these companies like Monsanto, mislead the public through massive advertising campaigns that tout GMOs as technological saviors “feeding the word” when in reality they are poisoning the world and forcing farmers to get on a pesticide treadmill where they have to use more and more toxic chemicals to kill the pests and weeds that become resistant.  It also forces farmers to have to buy GM seeds every season where as farmers have traditionally saved seeds from their crops year after year. This only results in big profits for seed and pesticide companies. There has been an epidemic of farmers committing suicide in India who believed the lies of GMO propaganda and poisoned their families farms and land held for generations and got into massive debt with seed companies leaving them powerless to feed their own families and hopeless to free themselves from these corporations. But you’ll never see that on the evening news.

The best way we can protect ourselves, our families and our planet is to buy organic, support local farmers (go to farmers markets or co-ops, read labels and avoid as much packaged, processed foods as possible. Boycotting companies that use these ingredients and choosing to prepare your own food that is free from chemicals, GM ingredients, pesticides and herbicides is the best way we can prevent and reverse illness caused by the crazy toxic world we live in! Stay informed, empowered and inspired, together we can make a difference with every bite we take.

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