Each and every one of us has the power to heal ourselves and make positive change in the word. My passion for cooking and serving delicious food for the people I love and sharing the joy of culinary creativity with those who want to learn is something that comes from deep within me. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with positive messages about health and healing with food medicine. I want people to know they don’t have to be sick or feel powerless. We can heal ourselves and make a difference in the world with the knowledge and information regarding food choices.

-Bianca Rose Martinez

Bianca Rose Martinez | Credentials

Graduate from CSU Chico with BA in Communication. Author of Compassionate Eating: Conscious Consumption for Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet. Featured in Connect to Wellbeing Magazine (formerly YHC – Your Health Connection) and the Ventura Breeze Newspaper. Currently in Ojai, CA- serving Ventura County.

Bianca has been studying healthy vegetarian cooking and nutrition for over 10 years . She is an experienced food preparer and has given live demos, catered events, worked as a personal chef and and teaches vegan cooking classes in Ventura/Ojai area every month. She is a certified food handler by the county of Ventura and studied Ayurvedic food medicine for several years with a focus in disease prevention and healing – especially cancer.

After the death of her beloved aunt from cancer she became even more dedicated to finding causes and cures for the horrible disease that effects so many people and families. She began teaching cooking classes with tips for bringing the body back into balance with organic foods, spices and herbs.

In addition to cooking, she offers unique Compassionate Eating and Food Medicine presentations using hand painted artwork, empowering messages and live demos. Since 2009 she has been helping people re-connect with the web of life by understanding the deep impact our lifestyle choices have on the Earth. She has given speeches at local colleges, festivals and countless other community events. Bianca believes that by incorporating more plant based, organic foods into our diets  we can not only take charge of our own health, but help shape a greener future for generations to come.

Bianca is the author and illustrator of the book Compassionate Eating: Conscious Consumption for Mind, Body, Spirit & Planet. She has written for Your Health Connection Magazine, The Ventura Breeze and organized community events as the former organizer of the Ventura County Vegans. She is also a skilled graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.