“Preparing a healthy meal for ones self is one of the greatest acts of self love we can give.
It is not only deeply nourishing, but in these times, it can be life saving. 

-Bianca Rose Martinez

Bianca Rose Martinez is considered by some to be a “shamanic chef”. Which means that aside from creating extraordinary taste experiences with her cooking skills, she is also very aware of the energy that goes into the food that she prepares. 

Bianca has been studying healthy cooking and nutrition for 20 years. She is an experienced and creative food “artist” and has blessed many events and retreats with her specialized catering in and around Ojai. In addition to working as a personal chef and and teaching cooking classes in Ventura/Ojai area every month, she also gives live demos and educational talks at Community Memorial Hospital and the Ventura Community College District. She is a certified food handler by the county of Ventura and has also studied Ayurvedic food medicine for several years with a focus in disease prevention and healing – especially holistic approaches to cancer.

Her own healing journey and recovery from childhood trauma was deeply rooted in the self-love practice of creating healthy meals for herself and others. After the death of her beloved aunt from cancer she became even more dedicated to finding causes and cures for the horrible diseases that effect so many people and families in our modern world. It became clear to her that so much of today’s illnesses are rooted in the toxic chemicals, processed ingredients and genetically modified organisms that are so prevalent in our modern diet.

A Ventura native, Bianca graduated from CSU Chico with BA in Communication and a minor in environmental studies. Her understanding and appreciation for eating sustainably was fostered by her love of nature which was always a short walk or bike ride away while she attended classes. Not long after graduating and becoming disenchanted with the corporate design world Bianca walked away from her day job to pursue her deeper calling. In 2009 she wrote and illustrated Compassionate Eating: Conscious Consumption for Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet, and began doing presentations and live cooking demos to help people reconnect their food choices with the web of life. She has been featured in Connect to Wellbeing Magazine (formerly Your Health Connection) the Ventura Breeze Newspaper, Edible Magazine, The Ojai Valley Guide and the Ventura County Star.

Bianca believes that by incorporating more plant based, organic foods into our diets we can not only take charge of our own health, but help shape a greener future for generations to come. She has received reiki attunements in Sedona Arizona and is a mesa carrier from the lineage of the of the High Shamans of Peru which she received after a year long Medicine Wheel training in Ojai in 2014.

Currently, Bianca works as a private chef in Ojai

“When we choose to share and cook for others, that loving intention expands like the ripples in a pond that not only touches the lives of those at the table but whose lives they touch and so on.” 

-Bianca Rose Martinez