[gap height=”20″] Chef Bianca Rose serves the Ojai Valley with cooking classes, conscious catering for retreats and personal chef services for private clients. She is also considered by some to be a “shamanic chef” or “food medicine chef”. Which means that aside from creating extraordinary taste experiences with her cooking skills, she is also very aware of the energy that goes into the food that she prepares. 

Bianca is dedicated to providing unique taste experiences using pure, high vibration organic foods and intentions. Utilizing the bounty of locally grown organic produce and culinary herbs as her medium, Chef Bianca enjoys creating delicious edible art for the joy and pleasure for her clients. She specializes in gluten-free, plant based cuisine and navigates the individual dietary terrain with understanding, creativity and finesse, with a clear understanding of vegan, paleo, keto, vegetarian and everything in-between. She also serves some special dishes with animal protein such as local halibut, wild salmon and grass fed bison.

Known for her hands on action packed cooking classes, some of which have healing themes including cancer and diabetes prevention and food as medicine. She also offers family and group party classes with fun themes like tapas, cheese making, comfort foods with sneakily healthy twists, gluten-free baking and many more. Bianca has had the joy of teaching at the Ojai Culinary School at the Lavender Inn for over 5 years. She has also taught at Ojai Valley Inn and done live cooking demonstrations at health fairs, expos, gyms and community events.

Bianca has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including Your Health Connection, Edible Ventura County, The Ojai Valley Guide, The Ventura Breeze, the Ventura County Star and was recently selected by the Ojai Valley newspaper to be one of the “Women of the Ojai Valley” in May 2021.

photos by Kathryn Barron

If you would like to contact Chef Bianca Rose please e-mail compassionate.eating@mail.com or call 805-701-9858